Lennart Kling

Artist and Entrepreneur

born 2004 in munich, germany.
composer, author, businessman.

Let´s talk about Passion, Ambition and Minimalism.

There are countless people out there advertising something called "work/life balance". I personally don´t think that anyone should attempt to choose to live like that, because I don´t think that we even get to choose at all. This balance is something the mind does automatically for us and to us, in order to survive. Still, there are people in every society who create and opposite people who just chill, which is often explained as different work/life balances... but I don´t think it is that simple.

Naturally, that balance is all about a good amount of both excitement and relaxation, but we´ve trained our minds with social media and other kinds of drugs to find recovery specifically in experiencing action. A builder, for instance, spends his whole day on a scaffolding in scarifying heights, only to come home and watch an action movie or play a shooter game. Where exactly is "doing nothing" scheduled in here? Those activities are also stressful, but we´ve become capable of enduring them quite well. In fact, we got addicted.
And so I can argue that we are not talking about a balance between excitement and relaxation anymore, but rather between "being productive" and "having fun". But at that point it does get a little bit tricky, doesn´t it? Because there are indeed people within our society who state that they´re having... fun at their jobs? How can someone work all the time and here I am, still claiming that their life is being balanced in some way?

"If you fulfill your
obligations every day,
you don´t need to worry
about the future"

- Jordan B. Peterson

Like I said, everybody keeps his balance in some way. We all have to, or we die from exhaustion. But I also said that it happens naturally, yes, it´s our body that takes care of that by itself. And even the hardest try to disrupting the balance will be punished by getting us a proper burnout, which is basically just a refusal by our body to work for us. So how can we prevent that and keep up with our task schedule, while maintaining mental health? Well, by tricking our brain.
Jordan Peterson once said: "If you fulfill your obligations every day, you don´t need to worry about the future". There´s something really freeing about hustle culture and work ethic that many are not able to see. Some people choose to not choose between "fun" and "creation", some people combine them both. Famous artists or actors tend to say that to them nothing really feels like work; I am a bit different, I regard nearly everything as work, the definitions are opposite, but the mentality is the same. I am busy every waking hour running things and I treat them just like video games, trying to perform, trying to bring them to the next level. And I love doing it, I´m passionate about every single project, simply because I can see the various benefits they got for me. I´m thinking long term, based on the things I achieve today. I´m taking care of the future by focusing on what I´m doing in this exact hour.

I grew up as a very creative child with a talent and a passion for making people around me laugh. As a teenager, I really got into music and writing and planned on studying composition after finishing school. A great plan, except, that didn´t happen. I could say that I got talked out of it or that my character changed, probably both, however, I came to the conclusion that it was hard to make a living from it, except you´re lucky and tremendously special. Well, after that I figured out I was good at finances and management and went down the entrepreneurial path, which isn´t necessarily easier, but I knew I had to make money in order to be an artist. And making money became another passion just like that. Nowadays I´m no longer searching for a "work/life balance", but trying to find my "creativity/business equation" and even here the lines begin to blur.

"Minimalism is
an armour and a pillar for
each and every thinker"
- Lennart T. Kling

One reason I´m definitely not doing all this is to live a great consumer lifestyle. My motives are different and I try to take very little for myself. I formed this quote: "Minimalism is an armour and a pillar for each and every thinker", which basically means that in order to manage a large variety of passions, which in my opinion, everybody´s got, one has to focus on the relevant things. As a result, my art and my business are a different story. They´re the counterpart, the difficulties, the complicated things and I have a ton of fun putting all of my brainpower into complex novels, dramatic orchestral music or founding a start-up, which is a chaotic thing by its very definition. It´s the minimalism in the infrastructure around it that keeps me from imploding. Simple clothes, tidy rooms and a happy mindset, which took long enough to develop. Just like this text right here is a complex analysis, while the website design around it is kept very simple.

I said that everybody´s got a large variety of passions. I mean that. That ist one more important thing I have to say. I´ve always been a passionate person and over the last few years I gained myself an image of someone who does different things, loves to figure stuff out and to help people achieve their own goals. And so I want to encourage everyone to set their goals as high as possible and stop worrying of their competences or motivation. The social media I talked about before is filled with corresponding knowledge regarding specific topics or overall habit building, so called "discipline". Just grab it. The only difference between those who do and who don´t is awareness of what your real qualities are and the right strategy for implementing good habits that grow fruits over time. Both can be figured out with patience and persistence.

Let me show you the outcome of my self-analysis. Let me show you my passions, my art and my businesses.

On this website I can only share, WHAT it is I do and what I´m trying to achieve. But if you want to know, HOW I do it, you may contact me and we can talk further about mindset, art and business. Choose the red pill or the blue.