Lennart Kling

Artist and Entrepreneur

Art & Music

Composing in different Genres

I am very enthusiastic about everything that has to do with music or creative writing and I like investing my creativity into my own projects.
I started improvising my own little pieces on the piano at the age of eleven, simple themes with simple chord progressions. Later I realized that I would like to compose somewhat more complicated works for a larger ensemble and began to record my ideas with a note-writing program. Since then I've been trying to continuously improve my skills.

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Maybe you also Compose by Yourself?

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Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs)

In 2017 I started using my computer to generate sounds and develop new music. I gained a lot of experience with software like Cubase, Dorico, MuseScore and WaveLab for music production. All the new abilities and technology inspired me to experiment with different styles.

Epic Orchestral & Cinematic Music

I can say that movies & theatre had a great impact on my personal development, fascinating me at a young age and ever since. In my teenage years I really got into fimmusic and epic scores, playing famous tunes on the piano and starting to create my own. My whole composing style can be described as really dramatic and dynamic and even when trying out new genres or projects, I tend towards my natural preferances.

A perfect example for a mixture of my favourite epic styles is my album "Simba" from 2021, describing the story of ancient leader Hannibal, who stood up against the roman empire. In there I combine oriental vocals with epic orchestral movement and partly some techno underlining.

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Together with my friend and colleague Nicolas Jacoby I founded the composing duo "Victonika" designed to be an outlet for our most dramatic musical fantasies. This is where we really can go wild creating epic tunes.
In an interview with the german newspaper "Süddeutsche Zeitung" I talked about the process of finishing our first album "Earl" and my lovely relationship to Nico

- Interview SZ - Filmmusik im Flow

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I once also got the opportunity to score a real movie - even though a short one - at the filmmusic festival in zurich in 2019, at the age of 14. The movie is called "Danny and the Wild Bunch" and I started improvising on the piano and then finished it on my DAW.

Beat Production

Over the years I´ve learnt more and more to appreciate the art of Hip Hop and especially the different styles of gangster rap, so I started experimenting. There must be some really great lyrics and wordplays lying around, written between 2016 and 2019, but what I´ve always kept close to me are the instrumentals I tried myself.

I don´t really see an opportunity to market and publish those, since they simply do not match with the composing work that has my name on it on YouTube, Spotify & co. , so those two beats produced in 2019 will probably stay on this website forever, doomed to remain inofficial. They´re called "Prinz" and "Gold" and had once been part of a bigger album project. We shall see what happens, maybe I´ll start a rap project under a synonym and under a mask in the future, like all those german artists do. Maybe I´ve done that already ;) - nope, just kidding, of course...

The Little Author

Lennart Kling: "The Legend of the Beast of LOK-NIHIL"

Since I was eleven years old I have been working on my fantasy novel "Lok-Nihil", the main result of all my fascination for epic TV shows and movies. After many years, I´m close to finishing the drafts of my 5 books. I am soon going to lock them away, as I plan to get back to them one day, when I had enough success with my music and erected my financial infrastructure with my businesses.

"Lok-Nihil" is already the biggest project of my life and meant to be my personal artistic legacy, shall I see the day that I´ll be independent and able to finish working on this novel.